Only Spices (Organic herbal tea)

$20.00 USD
($200.00 / oz)

Only Spices (Organic herbal tea)

3.5 oz metal tin


Product rating 5 out of 5
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$20.00 USD

Blend of spices

Cinnamon, aniseed, ginger, and licorice. A spicy organic herbal tea you can sip all day long.

Things are heating up! We’ve concocted a herbal tea with a kick: a simple mix of flavorsome spices, and nothing else. Irresistible notes of cinnamon and ginger, a fresh touch with aniseed and licorice, and the full-bodied accents of fennel and cloves are enough to get your delicious spice fill!

Only Spices organic herbal tea kicks your cup up a notch throughout the day. And we suggest the iced version to spice up your evenings. Instead of your usual mug, frost a glass, add a healthy dose of ice cubes and you're set!

Available in loose leaf (because it’s also good for the planet) or in teabags for when you’re on the go.

Did you know

Let’s be real, when we say ginger, we think aphrodisiac. And who doesn’t love this root that’s cultivated in tropical regions, particularly in Asia, for its warm and slightly spicy flavor. But that's not all! Its unique shape may have given it its name because – wait for it – the word ginger comes from Sanskrit meaning "shaped like deer antlers". Amazing, right?

Have trouble remembering how to pronounce aniseed? That’s okay, what really counts is its irresistibly refreshing flavor, that’s been around for ages. Believe it or not, one of the first pieces of French candy was made of aniseed: a small seed coated in brown sugar. Delicious!

Only Spices (Organic herbal tea)


Anise*, fennel*, licorice*, cardamom*, ginger*, cinnamon*, pepper*, cloves*. Contains licorice - people with high blood pressure should avoid excessive consumption. *Organically grown ingredients
Brewing Time Brewing Time 5 min
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 205 °F


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